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Image series above: Pertrich house in Petershausen (Bavaria), built around 1500 A.D. as a tavern; roman catholic church St. Laurentius, built around 1315 A.D.; bicycle/footway at the southern edge of the town.

Ortsansicht Glonn-Wehr Ernte Schnee Hobby und Kunst Blaskapelle

Petershausen, population 6700, founded 1116 A.D., is located in the scenic Glonn valley, one of the oldest settlement areas in Bavaria, about 30 km (20 miles) north of Munich at 11.47 East, 48.41 North, 459 m ASL. The Pertrichhof building in the centre was built around 1500 as a tavern. A school exists since 1755. In 1867 a railway was built from Munich to Ingolstadt with Petershausen as one of its stations.

WappenThe Glonn river at which the town is located is 50 km long. It originates near Fuerstenfeldbruck west of Munich and flows into the Amper near Allerhausen (county of Freising) which then flows into the Isar near Moosburg. A large number of fish species can be found in the Glonn river, such as rainbow trout, eel, perch, barbel, bream, carp, and sander.

The surroundings of Petershausen are still characterized by agriculture and mixed farming, also illustrated by the plough in the town's emblem, though some farmers have a different primary job today or offer horse riding. During winter the snow depth is often more than 50 cm, and in January and February the temperature sometimes falls below -20 C.

Every autumn the local culture club organizes an art and hobby fair with many regional exhibitors. The Petershausen brass band is famous not only at home but had appearances in many towns and countries.

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