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Petershausen is a relatively small municipality with a population of about 7,000. But it is ideally suited for business in Upper Bavaria, Germany's southernmost region and one of its most beautiful countryside areas.

PetershausenThe mayor's office is always open to questions, ideas and proposals. The right contact person is easy to reach, applications and queries are processed quickly. Industrial estate, broadband Internet access and high-speed LTE or 3G mobile coverage are available. Local tax rates are attractive for businesses of all flavours.

The Free State of Bavaria, which used to be an agricultural state for centuries, has now a high level of education and an excellent infrastructure of transportation, telecommunication and energy. At the same time it has maintained its attractive natural and social location factors, such as a wide variety of cultural and sporting offers. So if you are interested in a business location in Germany, take a look at Petershausen, Bavaria! Please contact us for more information.

20 minutes from Munich

Express trainThe town is located in the scenic Glonn valley, one of the oldest settlement areas in Bavaria, about 25 km (15 miles) north of Munich. It takes only half an hour from or to the Munich Airport by car. Petershausen is only a few miles away from the Munich-Nuremberg highway A9. Modern air-conditioned trains to Munich down-town are available several times every hour and take 18 to 25 minutes only (travel time by car would be around 45 minutes). The very fast ICE trains to destinations like Wuerzburg, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg or Berlin can be reached in Ingolstadt or Munich, coordinated feeder trains are available.

Walking, jogging or cycling is possible on many tracks around Petershausen, or go fishing for a rainbow trout in the Glonn river near the town. Popular vacation areas in the Bavarian Alps and large lakes are easy to reach within one or two hours by car or train for skiing, mountain climbing, yachting and swimming.

Hotels around Petershausen

Several hotels are available in a close distance around Petershausen. All hotels listed below have a restaurant with traditional Bavarian and international cuisine. They are also an interesting alternative to occupied hotels in the city of Munich during a business fair or the famous Oktoberfest. Please check the following links for more information.

Ostermair, Kollbach, Dachauer Str. 1, +49 8137 5233

Birnbaum, Ebersbach, Hauptstr. 7, +49 8137 539410

Langenegger, Aufhausen, Hauptstr. 12, +49 8137 5264

Poellners, Petershausen, Fraunhoferring 5, +49 8137 9984004

Schlossakademie Hohenkammer, Schloss-Str. 20, +49 8137 9340